Damien Courbon, Co-founder and COO of Swapcard, tells us about the importance of making meaningful connections at business events. 

Anne Ravanona, Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her (www.globalinvesther.com), talks us through some of the current funding disparities between men and women-led enterprises, and how we can work to change the situation. 

Robin Lepercq, Co-founder of FreelanceRepublik, tells us why freelancing is so attractive in France these days.
Tamara Brisk, Directeur Général at WiredScore, illustrates the importance of a good internet connection

Timothée Rebours, Co-founder and CEO of Seald, talks about why France was the right place for him to start his company. 

Edouard Alligand of Quasardb on BtoB vs. BtoC

Cassandra Delage, founder of Plast'if, tells us why it's important to shift our beliefs about recycling. 

Hind Elidrissi of Wemind shares how she came up with the idea for her innovative solution.

Sébastien Couture, Technology Evangelist at Stratumn, talks about their Proof of Process technology in action

Leo Vesperini, founder of Mythic Games, details about their new game, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

Hear Phil Waknell (Ideas on Stage) discuss the importance and nuances of The Pitch.

Abby and Chris chat about what's new in the French startup scene.