Who We Are


Abby Klein
CEO and Co-Founder of OuiStart Media, Host of Radical Departures

Abby is American, moved to Paris for a Master’s degree program in international development, and never left. Her admiration and fascination for the entrepreneurial spirit was sparked way back when she was 16 and working for a no-nonsense, independent caterer who did everything her own way.

Abby has found a home now in the French startup ecosystem, and hopes OuiStart Media will help shine a light on good people creating positive change.

Chris Ryan, Co-founder, OuiStart Media

Vedran Dzampo, Audio editing

Alex Hurst, French content



Gordon Cragg, Theme music

Laurence Booz, Branding

Bruno Margueritat, Photography



World Radio Paris, Recording assistance

Eric Le Bigot, French content



Dora Maltz, Design

Chris Crone, Artwork


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