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Tamara Brisk

Tamara joined WiredScore as Director in France in 2016, bringing her expertise of the French real estate industry and her knowledge in new technologies to the company. Prior to that, her passion for new technologies led her to join Front Row, a start up in San Francisco, as the Business Development Director and a member of the executive committee leading Series A fundraising activities. She began her career in the Private Equity Group at Bain & Company in New York. Tamara earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago and an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. 

Twitter: @WiredScoreFR, @WiredScore

Website: http://wiredscore.com


Timothée Rebours

Timothée is the co-founder of Seald, a company that aims to simplify the security of documents and emails with a nearly-transparent encryption tool. Seald works for companies who want to protect their most sensitive data, without having to force their employees to use very complicated tools.

Timothée is an engineer from the École Polytechnique in France, he’s been using encryption tools since he was 12, and wants to bring these kinds of tools into the mainstream by making them ridiculously easy to use.

Twitter: @SealdHQ

Website: http://www.seald.io/

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Olga Egorsheva

Olga’s first taste of entrepreneurship arrived in the form of a family photography business which she founded with her father back in 2005. From there, she broadened her global expertise by working across a diverse array of Cities, including Oslo, Paris and Bonn. Following an MBA, which involved hands-on corporate entrepreneurship experience, she settled in London with an ambitious idea to disrupt the content search and licensing field forever. Joining forces with two co-founders, this new venture was announced to the world from the stages of TechCrunch Europe. 

Lobster is an AI-powered platform which enables brands, agencies and the media to licence visual content directly from social media users and cloud archives. It’s quickly become a truly global phenomenon, with offices in London and Moscow, and an ever-extending international fanbase. Aside from TechCrunch Disrupt, other speaking opportunities have included the IAB European Advertising Congress, Data Natives, Pirate Summit and Social Media Week.

Twitter: @lobster_it

Website: http://lobster.media


Edouard Alligand

Edouard Alligand is the founder and CEO of QuasarDB. Edouard has a strong technical background with a heavy focus on kernel programming and system programming.

Twitter: @quasardb

Website: http://www.quasardb.net

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Casandra Delage

Cassandra is the founder of Plast'if, a machine that recycles employees' plastic waste and allows them to 3D print new objects with it, creating a fully visible and complete recycling system. This illustrates that our actions have an impact and we have the opportunity to create a greener society. 

Cassandra launched her first startup when she was 16 years old and has organized a TEDx conference of over 200 people, international speakers, and 10 startups. 

Twitter: @cassdelage

Website: http://www.plastif.com/

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Hind Elidrissi


Sébastien Couture

Sébastien Couture is Co-Founder and Technology Evangelist at Stratumn. Stratumn leverages blockchain technologies to provide enterprise-grade solutions that allows any organization to securely collaborate with partners, customers, and regulators. With over a decade of experience in digital strategy, he has worked with a diverse set of companies from various industries better embrace and utilize digital technologies. Having discovered Bitcoin in 2013, Sebastien is also the host of Epicenter, a leading podcast covering the blockchain ecosystem. 

Twitter: @seb2point0

Websites: https://stratumn.comhttps://epicenter.tv


Léonidas Vesperini

Léonidas Vesperini is the founder of Mythic Games. A Frenchman and former gaming journalist and magazine editor, Léonidas created his super successful board and tabletop game company that now has offices in Luxembourg, the US, and Paris. Thanks to his background and broad connections with fellow game enthusiasts and craftspeople around the world, he put together a truly global team to build enormously successful Kickstarter campaigns for a couple of games so far, and there are more in store! Check out the Kickstarter for his new game, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, launching October 10th!

Twitter: @Leo_Vesperini

Websites: https://www.facebook.com/Joan.of.Arc2017http://www.mythicgames.net


Phil Waknell

Phil Waknell is one of Europe’s leading experts in the new art of presenting, and speaks regularly at major corporations and conferences about better business communication. He teaches business presenting at HEC Paris Executive Education, Europe’s leading executive business school, and is the author of The Business Presentation Revolution.

Phil has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and TED(x) speakers to prepare and deliver high-impact presentations, as well as coaching leaders at many of Europe’s top companies, delivering seminars and workshops around the world, and acting as Master of Ceremonies for major international events.

Prior to co-founding Ideas on Stage in 2010, Phil spent many years in leadership positions in Procter & Gamble and Hewlett-Packard, and holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris.

Twitter: @philpresents

Websites: https://www.ideasonstage.comhttps://philpresents.wordpress.com